eCommerce Stores

We creatively and professionally handle your online business store’s development from the initial free consultation to the end-product testing.

eCommerce Website Development

Technologists are creating brand-new surprises every day. E-Commerce stores are undoubtedly one of those surprises that have shaped the concept of online shopping for consumers. They have improved the way businesses or brands sell and retail their products. No matter how well-known you are in the offline business world, your online presence and products should exceedingly affect your targeted audience. So, if you are a large corporation that does excellent in an offline business but now looking to go online, Mak Web Media’s expert eCommerce web development team is here to help you.

We creatively and professionally handle your online business store’s development from the initial free consultation to the end-product testing. Our skilled developers first illustrate your requirements and then make sure to create an engaging online store accordingly. In addition, we provide numberless features and functionality to your eCommerce store and make it endless user-friendly.

Custom Online Stores

Looking for a custom eCommerce website for your brand? You are in the right place!

Our skilled developer team at Mak Web Media can also build and design various platform-stricter custom stores, including Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, and more. We make sure that consumers can readily locate and purchase products by offering an effortless interface with a secure shopping experience on your online store or website.

Before making a custom store for you, we enter your requirements in our client requirement sheet. Everything you want for your website will accord with your given details. Our team brilliantly covers various aspects of custom eCommerce development, including your website’s orientation, product variations, color scheme, front-end designing and optimization, website speed, inventory, proper payment gateways integrations, pricing models, and dynamic tracking and shipping.

Responsive eCommerce Design

Organic customer attraction and boosted sales are what you need for your eCommerce store. However, suppose your online store is only desktop-friendly and is not responsive to various other screen sizes. In that case, you’re ultimately losing your ideal users, resulting in low or maybe no sales. Hence, the orientation of your eCommerce store/website should be ideal for your user’s device.

Mak Web Media’s development team develops a completely responsive eCommerce website for you that can certainly fit in a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Users will have no difficulty in navigating the site, scrolling in a phone or tablet, clicking any buttons, ignoring non-relevant elements, and lastly, purchasing products from your digital store. Your responsive eCommerce store will give you the full authority to optimize for conversions and usability on every device, regardless of how your buyer is shopping.

How It Works

Here at Mak Web Media, we will give you all the instructions on arranging your sales, approaching new customers, and getting official orders based on a quality working relationship. After the agreement, you’ll have full authority to use these tools for a lifetime.

One Stop Shop

Whether it’s trading your products or services, tracking shipments, and processing payments, get the advantage of all these from a single shop. Mak Web Media’s eCommerce services offer you various tools to run your online activities successfully!

Responsive Functionality

Not in the mood of sitting in front of a computer the entire day? We got you! The responsive eCommerce websites enable you to manage your online store using your smartphone, resulting in profit growth even if you’re away from the computer!

Handheld Point of Sale

A handheld device or mobile phone allows product trading from wherever you are! It acts as a point of sale for you to sell products even if you’re standing on a beach.